Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chapter 7 from A Young People‘s History of the United States

Read chapter 7 aloud in class. Complete the close reading worksheet  while reading. We will stop and discuss the reading after each page.

Close reading questions:

Watch Crash Courses video. Discuss.


Before contact with the Europeans, how many Native Americans lived in the present day United States?

How many lived on the North American continent?

Click "Cherokee Relocation." What was the "Trail of Tears"?

Click on "Native Californians." How many Native Americans were in what would become California when the Spanish missionaries arrived?

How many soldiers were in charge of rounding up the Cherokee? How many days did it take?

After they were rounded up, what happened to them?

What happened the winter of 1838-39?

Refer to the National Park Service exhibit handouts for additional information about the winter of 1838-39. Write a couple sentences about what that situation must have been like for the Cherokee men, women, and children.

How many Cherokee lost their lives in the forced relocation?


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