Monday, December 9, 2013

West Wing Documentary Special: Discussion Questions

Part I:

President Bill Clinton states that if you asked a former  employee of the White House what they miss most about working for the White House, what would they likely say?

How does Marlin Fitzwater, former White House Press Secretary, describe working at the White House?

How does President Jimmy Carter describe the reaction many people have when they enter the Oval Office?

Several people described the work as exciting and sometimes glamorous. What were some examples given in the documentary of "exciting, glorious, magical, interesting, etc." days on the job?
Part II:

What are the "three phases" Peggy Noonan believes most employees of the White House go through?

How does Marlin Fitzwater describe the White House Press Corps?

Dee Dee Meyers discussed mistakes Press Secretaries sometimes make. What did she say was her most common mistake?

What is the "Blood Sport of Washington"?

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