Monday, November 11, 2013

Take the White House Tour

1. The official office of the President and his primary place of work is:

2. Currently, approximately 200 journalists make up the White House Press Corps. With just 49 chairs in the Briefing Room, the White House Correspondents Association decides who gets the coveted seats. A plaque on each seat displays the name of the news organization to which it is assigned. Where does the White House Press Corps meet?

3.When weather permits, the President’s bill signings, press conferences and diplomatic receptions take place here: 

4. When the President is working in the West Wing, a single __________ stands sentry outside the north entrance. Working in _____ minute shifts, the _______  _______  members make a strong first impression on the dignitaries, leaders and everyday people who visit the West Wing.

5. In 1933, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt used the Red Room to host the first of many __________   __________ for women reporters who at that time were excluded from the President's press conferences.

6. During the holidays, the Blue Room is the location of the official White House’s __________  ___________.

7. Designed by George Washington and James Hoban as the “public audience room” of the White House, the large East Room has served a variety of formal and informal purposes. 

Thomas Jefferson’s aide Meriwether Lewis used part of the unfinished East Room for sleeping quarters and an office before leaving to lead the famed ___________ and ___________  _______________.

 It would later serve as the site of President ____________ funeral.

During the Obama Administration, the East Room has been the site of the signing of the __________  __________ Act in March 2010, as well as a music series to celebrate the arts.

8.  In this room, with 42 seats in tiered rows, the First Family and their guests can view current movies, sports games and TV shows.

9. Modernized and expanded in 2007, this 5,000-square-foot complex of rooms is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor national and international intelligence information. It also allows the President to communicate securely with American military commanders and foreign heads of state around the world.

10. The President holds regular meetings with his Cabinet Secretaries and other Administration officials in this room:

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