Wednesday, November 13, 2013

National Parks Infographic/ Questions

What is the title of the infographic?

What is the purpose of the National Park System?

The National Park system includes ___________parks, _________ monuments, and __________memorials.

The National Park system is part of the Department of ____________.

The first national park, _______________ was established in __________ (year).

The Endangered Species Act was passed into law in ___________.

The most recent national park is _________________, established in _________(year).

Name the only President of the United States who also served as a park ranger.

The largest national park is in the state of _________________.

The smallest national park is in the state of _________________.

The highest point in the United States is ________________.

The longest cave system in the world:

The lowest point in the United States is_________________.

The largest plants on earth are:

Which park has the largest concentration of free-roaming wildlife in the lower 48 states?

Which park has an estimated 1,500 bears ( an average of two bears per square mile)?

Which park has the most visitors per year? A) Smoky Mountains B) Yellowstone C) Yosemite

National Parks Infographic

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