Friday, November 15, 2013

Electoral College Explained- Ted Talks Video and Discussion Questions

Which Article describes the Electoral College? A) Article I, B) Article III, C) Article III, D) Article IV

How many electors are there in each presidential election? A) 100 B) 50 C) 365 D) 538

What determines how many electors each state gets? A) Population, B) How wealthy the state is, C) How big the state is, D) Each state gets one elector

Which states are presidential candidates most likely to pay the most attention to: A) North Dakota, New Mexico, Maine, B) Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, C) California, Texas, New York

What year did the presidential candidate win the most electoral votes, but not the popular vote? A) 2000, B) 2004, C) 2008

How does the Electoral College protect small states? A) The electoral college does not protect small states, B) In a close election, every electoral vote counts C) Every state gets one elector so big and small states are equally protected

What are "safe states"?

True or False, Republicans consider Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maryland "Safe States."

Mississippi, Kansas, and Idaho are considered safe states for the ____________ party.

States "teetering" between parties are called ___________ states.

In the past four elections, Ohio and A) Wisconsin, B) New York, C) Alaska, D) Florida have been swing states.

Why is the "magic number" 270?

Look at the infographic below. How many electors does Wisconsin get?

What does the color red symbolize on the map?

What does the color blue symbolize on the map?

Every state except two are "winner take all" states. Which states are not "winner take all" states?

Infographic: The Electoral College - KIDS DISCOVER

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