Sunday, October 20, 2013

If the World Were a Village Assignment

Open your books to the Table of Contents. On what page can you find information about world religions?

On what what page can you find information about world languages?

On what page can you find information about world health?

List three other topics listed in the Table of Contents.

How many "chapters" are there in this book?

Turn to page 7. As of 2013, the world's population reached ______ billion people.

In this book, we will imagine the world as a tiny village of only _______ people.

In this book, each person will represent _______ million people.

In our tiny village, which three nationalities make up the majority? What page did you find this information?

How many people represent the number of people from the United States?

Can you find them in the global village? Where are they?

What is the most common language in our global village?

How many speak English?

How many speak Spanish?

What percentage of our global village is under the age of nine?

Most of our villagers are between the ages of:

Only one of our villagers is over the age of:

What are the top two religions in or village?

How many of our villagers consider themselves non-religious or atheist?

What are the two biggest changes with regard to religion in the past 200 years?

How many people in our village do not have a reliable source of food some or all of the time?

How many people in our village are severely undernourished and always hungry?

If the food in your village was divided equally, would everyone have  enough to eat?

How many villagers have access to safe water in their homes or within a short distance?

How many must spend a large part of each day getting safe water?

How many have access to adequate sanitation?

For those who do not, they are at risk  for diseases caused by poor sanitation such as:

How many breath unhealthy air caused by pollution?

How many school-age children live in our village? How many of them attend school?

In our global village, the richest 10 people have _____% of the wealth. The poorest 10 have less than $______ a day.

How many in our village have electricity?

What was the average life expectancy in 1850? In 1900? Today?

What was one reason given for why we can expect longer lives today?

What information do we learn on page 29?

What page can we find the sources for the statistics used in this book?

Who is the author of this book? Where can you find information about the author?

What did you learn about the author?

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