Thursday, October 31, 2013


Use the infographic below to answer the questions about the Constitution.

What is the title of this infographic?

List one "Fun Fact" about the Constitution from the infographic.

The Constitution is __________ law of the land.

It is the __________ for the organization of the U.S. government.

What part of the Constitution describes the purpose of the document and government?

What part establishes how the government is structured?

True or False? There are 7 Articles in the Constitution.

How many Amendments are in the Constitution?

The first ten Amendments are called:

List the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

Which Amendment deals with search and seizure?

True or False? The 7th Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy trial.

Which Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment?

Which Amendment abolished slavery?

True or False? The 26th Amendment set the voting age at 18.

The three branches of government are __________, __________ and _____________.

The Legislative Branch is split into to parts, ___________ and ___________. The Legislative Branch is also referred to as the _____________.

The Legislative Branch ____________the laws.

The Executive Branch ____________ the laws.

The Judicial Branch _________what the law _________.

Which governing principle keeps any one branch from gaining too much power over the other branches?

Federalism is shared power between the __________  __________ and the union of _____________.

True or False? Checks and Balances refers to the idea that the government is created by the people and subject to their will through their votes.

The two political parties mentioned at the bottom of the infographic are the _____________ and the ___________.

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