Monday, September 9, 2013

Mental Health Unit Handout

Health (Mental Health Unit)

The average American is exposed to over __________ ads every single day and will spend __________  __________ of his or her life watching television commercials.

Ads sell more than products. They sell_______________, images, and concepts of love, sexuality, success, and_______________. They tell us who we are and who we should be.

Advertising tells women that what’s most important is _________________, and ads surround us with the image of ideal female beauty. However, this flawlessness cannot be achieved. It’s a look that’s been created through airbrushing, cosmetics, and computer retouching.

Models keep getting thinner and thinner. If they are not thin enough, Photoshop is used to make them appear thinner.

The body type that we see in advertisements as acceptable or desirable is one that fewer than __________ of American women have.

Some ads today seem to encourage unhealthy attitudes – even eating disorders. (Discuss tumblr and pinterest “thinspo” “pro-ana” boards/posts)

Watch videos (After each video, brainstorm a list of ten words that best describe the overall message of each video.)

1. (Reality)

2. (Evolution of Beauty)

3. (Extreme Makeover)

4.  (Adobe)

5. (Killing Us Softly)

In all kinds of advertising, women’s bodies are turned into “things” and “objects.” Kilbourne believes this objectification creates a climate in which there is widespread violence against women.

In 2007, the American Psychological Association released a report concluding that girls exposed to sexualized images from a young age are more prone to depression, eating disorders, and low

Violent images make some people more aggressive, they _______________ just about everybody, and they make most people more likely to blame the victim.

The most dangerous image is one that eroticizes violence. Many ads feature women in bondage, battered, or even murdered.

Battering is the single greatest cause of injury to women in America.

_______________of all the women who are murdered in our country are killed by their male partners.

Objectification (define):


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