Monday, June 3, 2013

Worldwide Refugees

Global Hunger Infographic

Useful and enlightening information from The FEED Foundation.

Education Levels Around the World

Education levels around the world....

Pakistan Infographic

History of War in the United States

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

List the four deadliest wars in U.S. History.
How many people died in the Civil War?
Which war was the longest in U.S. History?
Depending on who you ask, what other war could be argued as the longest lasting war in U.S. history?
When was the American Revolution?
How many years did the American Revolution last?
The American Revolution fought against ______________.
When did the United States enter WWI?
When did the United States enter WWII?
World War II was fought against ___________, _____________, _____________.
How much did the war in Iraq cost?
So far, the war in Afghanistan has cost _____________.