Thursday, May 16, 2013

Learning Strategies Assignment (ABC Brainstorming Activity)

ABC Scavenger Hunt Activity

Complete the ABC Brainstorming Sheet with study tips/note-taking/reading comprehension tips we've discussed this semester in class.  Use each letter of the alphabet. Briefly explain each word in the box provided.

For example:

A: Ask
Ask yourself what you need to know for the test.

A: Arrive Early
Arrive a few minutes early when taking a test in order to find a seat and get settled.

B: Budget your time
Budget how much time you have to answer each question on a test or how much time you have to complete an assignment.

B: Bring necessary materials.
Bring plenty of pencils, pens, erasers, etc. to class on test day.

C. Clarification
Ask a teacher for clarification if you do not understand an assignment or a test question.

C: Clues
Listen for word "clues" when taking notes. For example, "The most important reason..." "This will be on the test..."


E: Eat 
Eat Memory boosting foods such a blueberries the morning of a big test.

Helpful Infographics:
Infograph on note-taking styles, statistics and skills
5 Foods That Boost Your Memory
Best Foods For Your Brain!  LIKE if you eat foods to boost your cognitive function and memory :)
11 Sleep Benefits :) #infographic #sleep #benefits #memory #attention #performance #creativity
How cool is this?!  This one's for you, Michelle! :-)

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