Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blood Diamond Video Guide

"Blood Diamond" is set in the 1990s when rebels took control of ________________ diamond mines.

The ________ is fighting the government for control of the diamond mines. 

They use the money from the diamonds to purchase __________.

In the film, you see the RUF terrorizing the population by _________  and ___________. They also chop off the __________ of villagers to keep them from voting.

In the film, __________ is taken as a slave and forced to work in the diamond mines.

In the film, Vandy's son, _________ is taken to serve as a child soldier.

How does the RUF turn children into child soldiers? __________  and __________.

At the end of the movie, Vandy comes face-to-face with Captain _________, the RUF Captain who forced him into __________ and turned his son into a _______________.

True or False? The problem of diamond funded conflicts persists today.

The United States purchases about _______ of the world's diamonds.

_______ of the world's diamonds originate in Africa.

Kimberley Process- was put in place in ________.

Before the Kimberley Process, diamond industry estimated conflict diamonds made up _____% of the global trade. Many human rights groups place that estimate at ______%.

Diamonds are the most portable commodity in the world. _____________ is common.

Do you think the role of journalists, like Maddy in the movie, do anything to help end conflicts like the one in Sierra Leone? Do they do anything meaningful to help stem the tide of conflict diamonds?

Do you think the movie will change the way consumers think about diamonds?

Word Bank: 65%, smuggling, Vandy, 15%, Poison, 2003, Sierra Leone, Revolutionary United Front, slavery, weapons, 4%, killing men, kidnapping boys, give them drugs, show them violent films, 60%, Dia, hands, child soldier

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