Monday, January 14, 2013

Learning Strategies Midterm

Learning Strategies Mid-Term
Part I (Completed the week prior to mid-terms):
Missing Work
Date of Mid-term
Preparation for Mid-term
(How will you prepare and how much time will you invest in preparing for the mid-term)

Part II: True or False:
______ Many periodicals are written at the sixth-grade reading level
______One way to learn new vocabulary is to use new words as often as possible in daily conversation.
______ A Thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms
______One way to boost your understanding of something new that you have learned is to draw it.
______When highlighting, a general “rule-of-thumb” is to highlight no more than 10 % of what you’ve read.
_____A valuable reading strategy is to look at the structure of a book before you read it.
______Some important tips to remember when listening to lectures include: listen for word clues, pay attention to body language, and listen for repetition.
_____ When taking notes, some important things to look for: anything the teacher writes or circles on the chalk board/white board, diagrams/charts/lists that the teacher draws attention to or points out.
______ It is important to write down everything a teacher says in lecture.
______An active listener sits up straight, leans forward, and tries to focus on every word.
______ It is important to organize your notes. Start each day’s notes on a new page and put the date and topic at the top of the page.
______ It is not necessary to leave “thinking space” when taking notes.
______ Examples of “word clues” include: “the most important reason …” “this will be on the test….”
______ A good night’s sleep has a better effect on test performance than all-night cramming.
______ Finding links between your own life and what you are studying make learning more effective.
______ When summarizing text, summaries should not be more than one-fourth to one-third the length of the original text.
_____ It is important to use your own words and to paraphrase when summarizing a text.

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