Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chapter 14 (A Young People's History of the United States)

What is paragraph #1 about?
Why did some people call WWI an imperialist war?
What is the subtitle on page 220?
The two opposing sides in WWI were called:
What classic novel is mentioned in paragraph #6?
Why did the United States enter the war?
What evidence does Zinn provide to illustrate the war as unpopular among many Americans?
What law is mentioned in paragraph #13?
What was the purpose of the law?
What are paragraphs #14 and 15 about?
What actions did the U.S. government take to suppress public criticism of the war?
What is paragraph #20 about?
When did WWI end (paragraph #27)?
How many American soldiers died in the war?
What are paragraphs #30 and 31 about?

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