Tuesday, November 27, 2012

World Studies Exam #3

Fill-in-the-blank (2 points each)

Demography: the study of __________________ data.

Birthrate: the number of births per _____________ people in a country.

The number of people per square mile _________________.

The population pattern in which people choose to live ______________.

The number of deaths of infants in a given year per 1,000 live births in the same year______________

The characteristics of a country include: government, people, ______________  and ______________.

In a capitalist economic system, the three basic economic questions for society are answered by ____________.

In a socialist economic system, __________  and ___________ answer the three basic economic questions.

In a communist economic system, the _______________ answers all three basic economic questions.

There are five countries in the world that have this type of economic system __________________.

The three classification of jobs discussed in class were: primary, ________________  and _____________.

Primary jobs are jobs that _______________________________.  Examples include _________________  and __________________.

Jobs that turn primary goods into products are called _____________________.  Examples include food processing and manufacturing.

Examples of service jobs include ______________,  _______________,  and _________________.

What do you want to do someday? (Firefighter? Teacher? Hair Stylist? Farmer? Factory Worker? Nurse? Welder? Auto Mechanic? Day Care Provider? etc.) ________________.  What category job did you choose? Primary? Secondary? Tertiary?

True or False (2 points each)

True or False? Other names for capitalism include: Free Market and Free Enterprise.

True or False?  Other names for communism include: mixed economy and welfare state.

True or False? A unitary structure of government includes a central government with many state governments.

True or False? Communism is the most common economic structure.

True or False?  A confederation structure of government includes many small state governments which are loosely connected.

True or False? A federal structure of government includes only one central government.

True or False? The United States has a federal structure of government.

True or False? Direct democracy works well with big (population and geographically) countries.

True or False? The United States has a government system in which an individual rules (authoritarian).

Using the Infographic to Answer Questions ( 2 points each)

What is food insecurity?

What was the United States' ranking in food insecurity?

Is this ranking good or bad? Explain.

What factors do you think lead to high food insecurity rates?

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