Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Study Skills- Infographic

Useful for study skills

Answer the following questions from the infographic above.

1) What are the two basic study patterns students can follow?
2) What method works best?
3) Test anxiety affects __________% of students.
4) Test anxiety can cause students to stay up all night cramming for their exams. Stress affects students' sleep more than:
5) The ave. GPA of students who pull all-nighters:
6) The ave. GPA of students who do not pull all-nighters:
Study Tips:
7) Study __________ minutes a day in the week leading up to the test.
8) Exercise before you ______________.
9) Exercising before studying or taking a test gets _________   ________  to your brain which helps you focus and absorb more information.
10. Sleep after studying. During sleep, the brain _______________ what it has recently learned into memory.
11). Eat a healthy ______________________ which will help you stay alert and focused.

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