Thursday, November 8, 2012

International Comparisons- Freedom of the Press

Freedom House has been at the forefront in monitoring threats to media independence since 1980. A free press plays a key role in sustaining and monitoring a healthy democracy, as well as in contributing to greater accountability, good government, and economic development. Most importantly, restrictions on media are often an early indicator that governments intend to assault other democratic institutions.
According to Freedom House’s Freedom of the Press index, only 14.5 percent of the world's citizens live in countries that enjoy a free press. In the rest of the world, governments as well as non-state actors control the viewpoints that reach citizens and brutally repress independent voices who aim to promote accountability, good governance, and economic development.

What is the role of a free press? Give two examples of the role the press plays in a free society?

What percentage of the world's citizens live in countries that enjoy free press?

How many countries were rated?

What are the three ratings?

What is the United States press status?

Why did the United States receive this ranking?

What is the core guarantee of free press in the United States?

What is a shield law?

How many states have shield laws?

What are the benefits and disadvantages of shield laws?
What is Mexico's press status?

Why did Mexico receive this ranking?

What is Russia's press ranking?

Why did Russia receive this ranking?

What is China's press status?

Why did China receive this ranking?

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