Thursday, August 9, 2012

Speak- Final Project Suggestions

1.  Research sexual assault laws in Wisconsin.  What information do teens in Wisconsin not have about things like informed consent and age of consent? Create a bulletin board, poster, brochure, etc. explaining Wisconsin's sexual assault laws and resources for victims of sexual assault. Research and present information about organizations that help victims of sexual assault in your final project.

2.  Start a clothesline project at RVHS.

3.  How can you tell if someone is clinically depressed? How does Melinda meet the criteria of someone who is clinically depressed.  Does Melinda exhibit any "warning signs" of suicide? If so, please describe which one(s). Answer these questions in an essay, poster, or other format. 

Please include the following information in your final project: 
*Signs of clinical depression
*Warning signs of suicide
*Teen depression/suicide links, resources, phone numbers

4.  Create a hexagon "Explosion Box" based on the novel. You can include quotes from the book, pictures, character bios, themes, vocabulary, etc. on each "tag."

Common Core Standards addressed: R1.7.2, R1.7.3

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