Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter 1 "Columbus and the Indians"

Chapter 1, from A Young People's History of the United States
Part I:

A Young People's History of the United States, Chapter 1

After reading chapter one, use the adjectives below and write an "A" for Arawak, "C" for Christopher Columbus, "S" for Spanish, "E" for English, and "P" for Powhatans next to each adjective that would describe that group. You may use each adjective more than once.

Cruel, Generous, Arrogant, Naive, Kind, Adventurous, Intelligent, Lazy, Honest, Brave, Primitive, Heroic, Greedy, Ignorant, Inferior, Thoughtful.

Look for facts in the text to demonstrate why you chose particular adjectives for different groups/individuals.

Discuss: The purpose of Columbus's voyage(s) was...

Discuss: The result of Columbus's voyage(s) was...

In your opinion, what are the three most important things Zinn says about Columbus?

Compare and contrast Columbus and Las Casas's diary entries. (Use a venn diagram.)

Part II: Compare and contrast chapter 1 with the video below:

Printable Venn Diagram:

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