Monday, April 30, 2012

World Studies Final Project

Positive/Negative World Timeline and Map Project:

Create a Positive/Negative Timeline which includes news-worthy events from the past year for the following countries:



Democratic Republic of Congo







North Korea

South Sudan




United States

United Kingdom

You must include a minimum of three significant events (either positive or negative) for each country. Write the title, author and date for each news story in the packets provided in class. 

You must include at least four pictures on your timeline.

You must rank the significance of each event you include on your timeline.

You must locate, shade, and label each country on a world map. You map will be turned in when you turn in your timeline.

CNN World:

BBC World:

Time Magazine-World:

NPR-World News:

New York Times:

More detail: You will need construction paper, graph paper or tag board for this project. Draw a line down the center of your paper. Draw a vertical line down the far left side of your paper. Everything above the center line will be labeled +5 through +1. Everything below the horizontal line will be labeled -1 though -5.

Determine the significance, either negative or positive, of each historic event. Either write events on your timeline or type, print, and glue events on your timeline.

This project is worth 100 points
Completed Packet: 40 points
Completed Timeline: 40 points
Map:10 points
Pictures: 5 points
Appearance: 5 points points

This project is due May 25th

Examples of Positive/Negative Timelines (both timelines are "works-in-progress":

Example of the Packet:

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