Wednesday, March 14, 2012

United States History (Jim Crow)

Read "A Town Called Rosewood." Complete the worksheet.

Fannie Taylor
Sheriff Walker
Jesse Hunter
Sam Carter
James Carrier
Sylvester Carrier
Sarah Carrier
Jim Crow
Race Riot

Additional information: 

Listen to "Remembering Jim Crow"
Take notes while listening. Your notes should include answers to the following questions:
What is Jim Crow?
What are some examples of Jim Crow Laws (in education, housing, marriage, other)?
What was the purpose behind Jim Crow laws/customs?
How did Southern Blacks resist/deal with life under Jim Crow. (Briefly describe several examples.)

Resource (Jim Crow Laws) 


Watch CNN Investigation Unit: The Noose: An American Nightmare

Interactive Maps:
(First, click on "Go to the Maps." Next, click on "Lynchings and Race Riots." First choose lynchings. Click on Wisconsin. Did any lynchings take place here? Now choose "Race Riots." Did any race riots occur here? Now click on "Jim Crow Laws." Choose a topic. Slide your cursor over Wisconsin to see if we had any Jim Crow Laws in each of the areas listed.)

In class, we will participate in a "threaded discussion." You will respond to two of the following questions/prompts:

What is "backlash"?
Examples of "backlash" discussed in class (from the readings, video, class discussions) include:
What was Jim Crow?
How did some Southern Blacks "resist" Jim Crow?
What is a race riot?
How have race riots changed in the past one hundred years?
What are reparations?
Why is this a controversial issue?

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