Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Robber Barons and Rebels Map Assignment

Using a Historic Atlas and A Young People’s History of the United States, find and label the following items on your United States Map:

Indicate all strikes with a red dot.

A.Equal Rights Party Rally p. 160
B.Lowell, Massachusetts p. 161
C.Martinsburg, West Virginia (p. 166)
D.Rock Springs, Wyoming (p. 171) (Black dot)
E.Central Pacific Railroad p. 173 (Draw in grey)
F.Union Pacific Railroad p. 173 (Draw in grey)
G.The Haymarket Affair p. 179-181
H.Homestead, Pennsylvania p. 181
I.Washington D.C. (mark with a star)
J.Sierra Nevada Mountains (Shade brown)
K.Rocky Mountains (Shade brown)
L.San Francisco, California
M. Chicago, Illinois
N. Baltimore, Maryland p. 167
O. St Louis, Missouri, 167
P. Mississippi River (Color blue)

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