Sunday, February 19, 2012

Protest in the Middle East Lesson

What is The Arab Spring: it refers to the pro-democracy uprisings currently sweeping the Middle East and
North Africa.

Introduction (Video):

Most of the information you need can be found here: Interactive Timeline:

1. The first of the Middle Eastern protests started here. Name the country, the date, and the event that sparked the first of many protests throughout the Middle East.

2. When was the first recorded international response to these uprisings? What country/leader motivated the response? What was the response?

3. (February 25, 2011) Thousands join "___________________" across the Middle East.

4. Protests on this day took place in _____________, ______________, _________________, ______________, _______________, _________________, and _____________.

5. List four examples of reforms protesters are demanding. Find reasons for unrest here:

6. (September 25, 2011) Saudi women to be given right to vote by (year) _______________.

7. (September 29, 2011) A Saudi woman sentenced to be lashed ten times for defying the country's ban on _____________ has had her punishment overturned by the king.

Find answers to 8, 9, 10, and 11 here:
and here:

8. Tunisia's leader first took power in ______________When did Tunisia experience regime change?

9. How long did President Hosni Mubarak hold power in Egypt? When did Egypt experience regime change?

10. How long had Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi held control of power in Libya?  When did Libya experience regime change?

11. The most recent country in the region to experience regime change _______________.

12. (November 28, 2011) Report to UN human rights council accuses Damascus of _________________ and operating shoot-to-kill policy. Syria troops have killed more than ___________, UN report finds.

13. What has been the most common governmental response to protests in Syria? Give two examples including dates and a brief description of the governmental response.)

14. How has the United States reacted to the unrest in Syria? (Find Syria on the map and click on it. Read the information in the box to the right of the map.)

15. Looking at the Timeline/Map/Video below, answer the following questions:
Self-immolation has been recorded in a number of these countries experiencing unrest. What is self-immolation? Why do you think this form of protest is used? List five countries where this form of protest has been recorded.


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