Thursday, February 2, 2012

European Union Lesson

There are _____ member states in the EU and _____ use the ______ as their currency. This makes it easier to travel from one country to another without having to exchange their currency for another currency. They may also travel from one country to another without going through _________ controls. They may also study and ________ in other EU countries.

The Euro _______ have one common side and one side with a national _______ from the country that issued the coin.

After ___________ European leaders wanted to put an end to fighting once and for all. One way to do it they thought was to control how much ________ and _________ each country could receive. These items are used to make war machines like ________ and _________. The idea was that no nation could build these weapons without the other nations ___________ about it.

The common goals of the EU is a desire to see all EU countries prosper. Also, a desire for _______ and security in Europe and the world. They also share a desire to see all EU citizens share certain fundamental ___________ and liberties, live without ______________, and enjoy equal opportunities.

The EU also promotes ways to ___________ the environment.

The three most populous countries in the EU are ___________, ______________, and _____________.

The founding members of the EU include: ___________, ______________, _______________, ____________, _______________ and  _______________.

The two most recent countries to join the EU in 2007 are __________ and __________.

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