Friday, January 13, 2012

Teen Drug Use Infographic

Teen Drug Use infographic


Carolin said...

What an informative and comprehensive study. What I can say about this trend is that, as high school students who are at that age where they are neither children nor adults yet, they tend to get experimental and curious. They also fit into social stereotypes. Smoking marijuana is supposedly cool; Ecstasy is a rave drug for party-goers; and steroids are for sports jocks. The percentage is alarming, but if you focus on the others who have not done drugs, you'll see that there's still hope for the academic community to be drug-free.

Carolin Newmeyer

Admin said...

In my opinion, if 45% of troubled teens are worried about the harm caused by marijuana, it is a sign of an intense government propaganda program. Marijuana is one of the most harmless drugs. I hope that they worry much, much more about alcohol, tobacco, inhalants

Anonymous said...

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