Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Triangular Trade/Middle Passage

The triangle of trade:

The Transatlantic Slave Trade consisted of three journeys:
  1. The outward passage from Europe to Africa carrying manufactured goods.
  2. The middle passage from Africa to the Americas or the Caribbean carrying African captives and other 'commodities’.
  3. The homeward passage carrying sugar, tobacco, rum, rice, cotton and other goods back to Europe.

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Now click on "Trade Goods." What were some of the goods that were traded?

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Maps: Africa, New World, Slave Trade
Pre-Colonial Africa: Society, Polity, Culture
Capture of Slaves & Coffles in Africa
European Forts & Trading Posts in Africa
Slave Ships & the Atlantic Crossing (Middle Passage)
Slave Sales & Auctions: African Coast & the Americas
New World Agriculture & Plantation Labor 
Plantation Scenes, Slave Settlements & Houses
Domestic Servants & Free People of Color
Miscellaneous Occupations & Economic Activities
Marketing & Urban Scenes
Music, Dance, & Recreational Activities
Family Life, Child Care, Schools
Religion & Mortuary Practices
Military Activities & U.S. Civil War
Physical Punishment, Rebellion, Running Away
Emancipation & Post-Slavery Life
Portraits & Illustrations of Individuals


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