Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Studies (Units/Themes)

Reading and Interpreting Maps
-A Map is a Kind of Picture
-Map Symbols That Represent Natural Things
-Map Symbols That Represent Man-Made Things
-Symbols for Boundaries
-Using a Compass to Find Directions
-Using Directions to Locate Cities and States
-Locating Places on a Street Map
-Locating Places Through the Use of a Map Index
-Identifying Water and Coastal Features
-Locating Places with Lines of Latitude and Longitude
-Time Zones in the Unites States
-Determining Elevation on Flat Maps Through Color
-Determining Elevation from Contour Lines
-Finding Man-made Things on Topographical Maps
-Reading and Interpreting Maps

The World's Continents and Oceans
-Locating Continents and Oceans
-Locating Countries and Capital Cities
-Locating States, Capitals
-Locating Seas, Lakes, Rivers

Geography Enrichment Activities
World Studies:
Continue U.S. History Geography packets
Geography Hangman Game:
Countries of the World:
States/Capitals Hangman
Name the Capitals:
Name the States (up to three players)
Geography Jumble:
Geography Trivia Game:
Matching World Capitals Game:
Matching World Geography Game:
Timed United States Geography Game:
Hangman Countries:
U.S. Capitals:

Many more interactive geography games:

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