Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 23-27

United States History
"Born on the Fourth of July"

What did you learn about the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement from watching this film?
Answer this question in paragraph form. Answers must be typed. Paragraphs must be four to five sentences in length. Cite specific examples from the movie to support your answer. Minimum of two paragraphs are required. Due on Wednesday.

The Century: America's Time

Study Guide:

Read "First Blood Diamonds, Now Blood Computers"
Finish and present posters on Monday.
Continue independent reading and reading logs

World Studies
Monday: Headlines due 1/2 the class bring in a headline dealing with a significant event occurring in the United States and the other half of the class bring in an event dealing with a significant event occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Share with the class.
Finish Packets and Maps.

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