Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 16-20

United States History
The Century: America's Time: Approaching the Apocalypse

Current Events Week:

Create three questions for each of the articles. Questions should be "Who, " "What," "When," "Where," "Why," or "How" questions. I will select questions from student created questions for an end-of-the-week quiz on all three news articles.

Examples from "Two Schools in Afghanistan, One Complicated Situation":
What controversy is described in the article? Who is at the center of the controversy? Why is this a controversy? When was the school in Bozai Gumbaz completed? Where are most of Mortenson's schools located (List two countries)? How could Mortenson be better assured his schools would be used?

Reading Comprehension Activities
Silent Reading Time/Reading Logs

World Studies:
Map Work
Timelines (Begin working on 2nd packet this week)

Resource Links:

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