Wednesday, April 27, 2011

May is Mental Health Awareness Month (Physical and Emotional Health)

"Exploring Ways to Help Ourselves and Others"

How to you cope when things seem difficult or impossible?
Do you turn to music?
Other people?
What inspires you?
What motivates you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on?

Step I. Reflect on a time you faced adversity. How did you get through it?

Step II. Brainstorm a list of phrases, slogans, images, poems, books, songs, activities, etc. that get you through difficult times.

Step III. Choose items from your list to include in a motivational poster for the Social Studies Hall.

Step IV. Create your poster. (All words must be typed and NO rubber cement!) This assignment is worth 30 points.
Looking for extra credit? Share your favorite quotes, slogans, songs, movies, books, etc. in the comments section here.

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