Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Studies- Cambodia

Brief Review:
Be the Change:
Do you remember what Arn Chorn Pond would put in his "Toolbox for Change"?
Click on "Toolbox." What would Arn Chorn Pond put in his "Toolbox for Change"?

Create your own "Toolbox for Change."
Toolbox for change: Everyone will receive a photo copy of a toolbox. Fill your toolboxes with "tools" for change (things used by Civil Rights/Human Rights leaders that proved successful in the struggle for civil/human rights). We will brainstorm a list of 5-10 things as a class. Each individual must come up with five additional "tools". You will need to find pictures of these things/words from magazines. Cut out your pictures and glue them in your "toolbox". Write a brief explanation of why you selected each tool on the back of your "toolbox".

Helpful: Think about these questions as you complete this project:

•How does an individual stand up for a principle or a belief?

•What are the skills required to take such a stand?

•What are the challenges and risks involved when someone takes such a stand?

We will work on this project for the remainder of the week. The final project is due by the end of class on Friday.

Posters are worth 50 points. 15 points for words/pictures. 10 points for written portion. 10 points for appearance. 10 points for time spent wisely. 5 points for the quality/appropriateness of images/words.

Continue "The Flute Player":
(You may want to take notes. What are some additional "tools" you would like to put in your "Toolbox for Change"?

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