Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 21-25

United States History
The Century America's Time: Boom to Bust

Video Guide
Create a Board Game (Two examples/Assignment and Rubrics):

Tips and Templates:
Printable Money:

Tuesday's with Morrie
Discussion Prompts:

World Studies
"The Killing Fields"
Watch "In Pol Pot's Shadow"
Discussion questions in the link below:
Pol Pot's Shadow:
Listen/Watch the podcast/ Answer the following questions:
Answer the following questions after watching/listening to the podcast (extra credit):
1. What was the Khmer Rouge?
2. When did the Cambodian Genocide take place?
3. How did it affect Pond's life? What happened to his family? How did he survive?
4. How did Pond's story affect you?
Additional Activities and Resources on the Cambodian Genocide:

Internet Scavenger Hunt- The Middle East in Crisis

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