Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lesson Plans.... March 28-April 1

United States History:
Watch PBS video
Threaded discussion on the white board:
What does CCC stand for?
When was the CCC created?
What were the qualifications to join?
What was the purpose of the CCC?
Who benefited from the CCC?
Briefly discuss segregation in the CCC.
What were some of the more well known CCC projects?

The Century America's Time
Finish Tuesday's with Morrie
Open book exam (Thursday and Friday)
Where does this story take place?
Who is Morrie? Describe him.
Who is Mitch? Describe him.
What is wrong with Morrie?
What is "wrong" with Mitch?
Draw a Venn diagram. Compare Mitch and Morrie.
What do you think makes Morrie such a likeable person?
Is Mitch a "likeable" person?
In the book Morrie describes his perfect day. How would yours be different?
How does Mitch change as a result of his "Tuesdays with Morrie"?
What was your favorite part of the book? Why?
How has this book changed you as a person?

World Studies:
Monday: "The Flute Player"
Lesson Plans:
Beyond the Fire: Teenage Refugees in times of War:
Click on "John" in Sudan. What happened to his village? What happened to his family? Where did he go? What is his life like now? 
Darfur Unit
Map Activity
Background information, lecture, vocabulary
Online activities

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