Monday, February 14, 2011

"Radio" Discussion Questions and Links

Official movie site:

Discussion questions:
1.  Why do you think Radio pushes the shopping cart around town every day?
2. What is Radio's "secret" passion/talent? (He often worked on this at home.)
3. Do you have a "secret" passion or talent? What is it?
4.What is inclusion?
5. This movie might be used as a testimonial to the practice of inclusion. How so?
6. Twice Johnny and his friends played tricks on Radio; each time the prank backfired on them. What were the tricks and how did the boys pay for their prank? Use specific references to the film.
7. Should the fact that some kids played pranks on radio be a reason to keep Radio from going to school (to protect him)? Explain.
8.Coach Jones was a friend, a mentor, and a teacher to Radio. But he says to the townspeople, "Radio's been teaching us." What did Coach teach Radio? What did Radio teach Coach Jones and the team?
9. How can you be a "Harold Jones" to someone else?
10. One lesson of the film might be talent comes in unexpected packages. What were Radio's talents?

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