Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 28- March 4

United States History
Guess the Word Cloud Activity

Toolbox for Change Activity:
Toolbox for change: Everyone will receive a photo copy of a toolbox. Fill your toolboxes with "tools" for change (things used by Civil Rights leaders that proved successful in the struggle for civil rights). We will brainstorm a list of ten things as a class. Each individual must come up with three additional "tools". You will need to find pictures of these things (or pictures of things that symbolize your "tools") from magazines. Cut out your pictures and glue them in your "toolbox". Write a brief explanation of why you selected each tool on the back of your "toolbox".

Begin Time Line Unit Project

Time for Kids Time Line:,28285,97502,00.html
Civil Rights Time Line (PBS)
Melba Beals Interview:

Continue Tuesdays with Morrie
Story Boards
Story Board Printables:
Time for Kids Story Board Worksheets:

World Studies
The Kite Runner excerpt from Scholastic Magazine
Graphic Organizer
Answer these questions:
Recall a time you witnessed an injustice. Briefly describe the incident.
Did you consider intervening to stop the injustice while it was happening?
What influenced your decision for action or inaction?
How did you feel as you witnessed the injustice?
Put yourself in the victim's place. How would you want witnesses and bystanders to respond?
Would you react differently in the future?

Understand that one person can make a difference.
Discuss the role of the media in human rights crises.
Examine the role of various players within the context of humanitarian and human rights crises.

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