Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter from Birmingham Jail

"Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Answer the questions below. Comment on at least one other classmate's response to one of the questions. Your comment must shed additional insight on the question, not merely restate someone else's answer.


Why did King write this letter?

What reasons did King give for coming to Birmingham?

Why does King use nonviolent direct-action as a means of bringing about change?

Who does King express disappointment in and why?

How does King address the timing of his actions?

How does King define "just" laws?

How does King define "unjust laws"?

Why does King believe it is a mistake for moderates to label his actions "extremist"?

Who does King believe is earning undeserved change? Why is this praise misguided?

Who is really deserving of praise? Why?

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