Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29-December 3

United States History:

Finish "All the President's Men"
Discuss questions 1 & 2 in class- Monday
Tuesday discuss questions 4-6
Wednesday: Threaded Discussion on the whiteboard (questions on the back of the worksheet)
Washington Post Coverage:
Scholastic Magazine Article:


Continue "Dead Poets Society"
Viewers Guide
Review: Themes of the story
Journal: Discuss the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.
A-Z Brainstorming Activity
Lab Day Thursday: Create a Wordle Word Cloud using the words from your A-Z Brainstorming worksheet

World Studies:
Read chapters 1-5 Three Cups of Tea
Discussion Questions:

How do people really make a difference?
What is their approach? Their vision?
What are the steps or process to making a difference?
What kinds of people are good at this? Are there common characteristics and/or personal attributes that visionary problem-solvers have?
What do you care about?

Beyond the Fire Activity:
Visit CNN Heroes:
Suggested Grades: 7-12, College

General Discussion Questions

1. How would you define the word "hero"?

2. What are some common attributes among people we classify as heroes?

3. Name some individuals you would classify as heroes, and explain why you believe each one is a hero.

4. Do you think heroes are "born" or "made"? Explain.

5. Visit the CNN Heroes website and read some of the heroes' profiles. Are there any stories that are especially inspiring to you? If so, talk about the contributions that these individuals are making to improve the lives of others and why they are inspirational.

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