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November 22-24

United States History
U.S. v. Nixon Lecture
Background on Watergate
"All the President's Men"
"All the President's Men"
Watch "All the President's Men" and answer the following questions in class:

1. Who were the Washington Post reporters portrayed in the movie?

2. What techniques were used by investigative reporters in an effort to get information from their sources?

3. What ethical standards did journalists follow? Ethical standards for editors?

4. What risks are involved in running a controversial story such as the Watergate scandal? (include a brief discussion of the use of anonymous sources, challenging government leaders - even alleging criminal activity)

5. Discuss the competing interests in U.S. v. Nixon.

6. Briefly discuss the legacy of both the case and the scandal as a whole.
Discuss these questions as well:

The following questions appear onscreen in the video. Feel free to integrate them into your lesson plan as needed.
Part I
Questions to consider before watching the video:
• As you watch the program, think about why the Watergate scandal took place. How does it compare to other scandals in recent history?
• What attitudes and beliefs of the president and his staff led to the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover-up?
• What revelations led to President Nixon's resignation?
Questions to consider after watching the video:
• Analyze the role of the press during political scandals such as Watergate.
• How did Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate story and keep it alive?
• Debate how reporters should balance respect for the role of the government with the public's right to know.
Suggested activity
• Research President Nixon's foreign policies with China and the Soviet Union.
• Compare Nixon's accomplishments with his failures and debate his overall success as president.

Part II
Questions to consider before watching the video:
• What do you know about the effects and consequences of Watergate?
• How did it affect President Nixon's place in history?
• How did it change the way Americans feel about their government?
• Think about why Watergate is still important to Americans.
Questions to consider after watching the video:
• The identity of "Deep Throat" remains a big mystery. Discuss the responsibility of journalists to protect their sources.

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