Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Week of School!

Classroom Expectations:
Classroom Climate:
is key. What does that mean? Respect the ideas and work of your classmates. (No "put-downs," name-calling or other rude behavior will be tolerated.) NO PROFANITY.

Listen quietly while I'm giving instructions, lecturing, etc. (If this becomes an issue, I will assign seats and groups. Listen quietly while your classmates are speaking.)

NO TEXTING OR LISTENING TO IPODS DURING CLASS. I will not start class until all phones and Ipods are sitting on your desk so I can see them.

It is important that you come to class prepared everyday. That includes coming to class with a notebook, planner, pen and highlighter.

It is also important for each person to participate in individual, small and large group activities to the best of your abilities.

General Expectations:
Please be on time. I will take attendance right after the bell rings. If you arrive late, you will be marked tardy. Three tardies will result in a referral.

Please do not abuse the pass privilege. If excessive use of passes becomes an issue, I will no longer grant bathroom, locker, etc. passes. All students coming from room 22 (my classroom) must use the bathrooms by the Little Theater. You will be given 5-7 minutes for a bathroom pass and 1-2 minutes for a drink/locker pass.

Please leave the room looking neat. Do not leave garbage on the floor or on or under your desk. Please do not write on your desks. Do not write on the white board. Please do not move desks unless I tell you to do so. Do not leave personal items in the classroom unless you have been given permission by me.

Grading Scale for all classes:
A: 100-90
B: 89-80
C: 79-70
D: 69-60
Below 60: F

United States History:
Read "The First Few Days: The Journal of Christopher Columbus"
Highlight and discuss each paragraph
Reading Deeply Questions
Venn Diagram Worksheet
Activity: The Trial "The People vs. Columbus"

Watch clips from the Biography Channel:


History Channel: "Columbus Man and Myth"

English (Thursday-Wednesday):
Personal Timeline Projects
Worksheet- complete before begining timelines
Tuesday and Wednesday- Hand out rubrics, create timelines
Locate images to include on timelines

World Studies (Days 1-3):

Visit the following link to find the answers to the questions below. You will take a journey through the United States visiting 10 historic destinations. You will need to visit all ten destinations to find the answers to all the questions on the final.


1. Where is Yosemite National Park?

2. How many people visit Yosemite National Park each year?

3. What is the name of Yosemite’s most recognizable rock formation?

4. The oldest institute of higher learning is near what city?

5. What is “The Big Dig”?

6. Where was the first major battle of the American Revolution fought? When was it fought?

7. The Battle of Little Big Horn is also popularly known as:

8. The battle was fought over the issue of:

9. What can be found on Last Stand Hill?

10. Where is the Alamo?

11. The Alamo serves many different purposes during its three century existence. List three.

12. Why was the Alamo attacked?

13. True or False, the battle left only two living defenders?

14. Where was Martin Luther King assassinated?

15. What is Sun Studio?

16. Explain the reason behind a plan for the Soldiers National Cemetery.

17. Who oversaw the construction of the cemetery and the dedication ceremony?

18. Lincoln’s words spoken at the dedication ceremony became knows as:

19. Philadelphia is a city of many “firsts.” List four.

20. List four museums and or monuments to visit in Washington D.C.

21. What do you need to do if you want a guided tour of the White House?

22. What are three different nicknames for New York City?

23. List five places you might visit in New York City.

24. Where is the “Space Coast”?

25. Why is it called the “Space Coast”?