Wednesday, June 2, 2010

U.S. History Movie Suggestions (History Recovery)

Movie Suggestions:
(Arranged chronologically)
"The Last of the Mohicans"
"The Patriot"
"Gangs of New York"
"Dances with Wolves"
"Far and Away"
"Legends of the Fall"
"The Great Gatsby"
"Pearl Harbor"
"Saving Private Ryan"
"The Ghosts of Mississippi"
"The Long Walk Home"
"Good Night and Good Luck"
"Malcolm X"
"Thirteen Days"
"Apollo 13"
"Good Morning Vietnam"
"We Were Soldiers"
"Born on the Fourth of July"
"The Most Dangerous Man in America"
"All the President's Men"
"The Killing Fields"
"Black Hawk Down"
"World Trade Center"

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