Thursday, April 22, 2010

World Studies- Blood Diamonds, Child Soldiers, Childhood Malnutrition

History Channel Videos:
What are conflict diamonds and what has been the human cost?
Edward Zwick PSA:
Personal Stories:

Ishmael Beah talks about what it was like to be a child soldier (CNN)
Plumpy Nut

Discussion Questions:
1. Name the African countries mentioned in today's class activities.
2. What three issues were covered in today's class?
3. What can be done about these issues?

Conflict Diamonds:
What is a conflict diamond?
Which country purchases the greatest amount of diamonds and which continent produces the most?
What is the Kimberley Process?
What does the director of "Blood Diamond" hope the movie will do?
Do you think the movie will change the way consumers think about diamonds?
Child Soldiers:
Why are children enlisted as soldiers?
How old was Ishmael Beah when he became a child soldier?
What was life like for Ishmael as a child soldier?
What is his life like now?
Plumpy Nut:

What is Plumpy Nut?
How much does a daily "dose" of Plumpy Nut cost?
What organization is distributing Plumpy Nut to those most in need?
What are the benefits of Plumpy Nut?
How many times does the average Nigerian woman give birth?
How many of her children will die before the age of five?
Approximately how many children around the world are severely malnourished?

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