Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19-23

Continue Marley: A Dog Like No Other


U.S. History:
Interactive Game (Arguing Brown v. Board of Education)
March on Washington
Civil Rights Crossword Puzzle (Due on Monday)
Read play in class:
Video of speech:

Audio (Legacy of the Speech):

Video (From the National Archives):

Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Video from the History Channel)

PBS Interactive Civil Rights Game:

Free time (play U.S. History Quiz):
Online Word Search:
Online Civil Rights Word Search:

Continue: Tuesdays with Morrie
Storyboards (By the end of this week, everyone should have 12 "boxes" sketched and summarized.

Vocabulary Game:

Wheel of Fortune Vocabulary Game:
American Authors Hangman:
Vocabulary Words Hangman:
World Studies:

Continue U.S. History Geography packets
Geography Hangman Game:

Countries of the World:

States/Capitals Hangman

Name the Capitals:
Name the States (up to three players)

Geography Jumble:

Geography Trivia Game:
Matching World Capitals Game:
Matching World Geography Game:
Timed United States Geography Game:
Hangman Countries:
U.S. Capitals:

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