Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 16-20

World Studies:
Cambodia Resources:
Additional Resources:
Frontline: "Cambodia: Pol Pot's Shadow"
Map Activity: Where is Southeast Asia? Where is Cambodia? Where is Vietnam?
Discussion Questions:
1. Who were the Khmer Rouge?
2. What did they believe?
3. What was the ultimate result of the rule of the Khmer Rouge?
4. What has happened to the Khmer Rouge?
5. When and how did the U.S. support Pol Pot?
6. Relate this story to other stories of genocide we've discussed in class.
Old posts relating to this topic:
Podcast with Arn Chorn Pond:
U.S. History:
Continue, "All the President's Men"
Daily: review of key terms, individuals, dates
Video Guide
Video guide:
Nixon's "Enemies List"
Washington Post's coverage:
"Key Players" in the story:
Note on extra credit: Many of the answers can be found on the blog. Search "Watergate" on the blog for past posts on the subject.
Old posts relating to this topic:
Continue, Marley: A Dog Like No Other
Vocabulary and Storyboards
Note: Look for your name on the whiteboard. Look to see what I have for each of you. If I'm missing something, show me your work so I can give you credit.

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