Monday, December 15, 2008

U.S. History- "The Patriot"

Monday-Thursday: Watch "The Patriot"
Wednesday: Packets are due

"The Patriot" resources:
History Channel Video Guide and Lesson Plan:

For students looking to earn extra credit:
For each question answered correctly, you may earn 5 points extra credit.
1. Who is the main character of the movie? (Tell me a little about this person and his family.) Where does he live? What year(s) does this movie take place?
2. What role do women play in the film? Is it consistent with the roles women played in this time period?
3. What role do African Americans and Native Americans play in the film?
4. Who were the loyalists and who were the patriots? What were their roles in the American Revolution?
5. How does this film depict the actions of the British army? Give several examples.
6. Briefly describe the life of a soldier during the Revolutionary War. (Based on what you saw in the film and read in chapter 2.)

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