Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Cool!

In case the embedded video doesn't appear, here is the link:
Part I: After watching this video, spend a few minutes "free-writing." (Post your comments on the blog.) Basically, I want you to write what ever comes to mind after viewing the video. Some ideas if you're stuck: How did this video make you feel as you were watching it? Why do you think the people making the video did it? Have you been to any of the places included in the video? Have you seen any similar videos on YouTube or elsewhere? Would you recommend this video to others? Why or why not?
Part II: You'll need paper, a pen or pencil, a world map and an atlas to complete part two.
Write down every place Matt visits.
Using the atlas, find every place Matt visits in the video. Mark and label each place on the world map handout.

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