Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plastic Island

What the heck is plastic island?
Several links with additional information about "plastic island":




Project suggestion: First, explain what "Plastic Island" is with other readers. Second, were you able to find any information regarding what can be done about "Plastic Island." If so, explain what it is and what you may or may not do about the issue.


tylermi w said...

Alright im just posting a comment letting you know that i have left comments on a really old post about 7 pages back. The old post was entitled "Be The Change a conversation w/ Arn Chorn Pond.

I would a preciate a response thank you!

Lea Hansen-George said...

Thanks Tyler!

Lea Hansen-George said...

Tyler, I posted a comment for you under "Be the Change..."

A note to EVERYONE: The podcast Tyler listened to is definitely worth your time. Arn Chorn Pond's story is quite remarkable.

Another incredible story you might want to explore is Ishael Beah's story as a child soldier. You can learn more about Beah on his website http://www.alongwaygone.com

jaleesaWH said...

as i was reading some of these links it made me a little depressed because it just goes to show that how people can just throw garbage out and be soo lazy and not pick it up its ridiculous because our aquatic life is diminishing and it is so dumb because "we" caused it.

tylermi w said...

Wow...I reviewed the link you gave me about Ishael Beahs story and it was great. I read a pretty lengthy excerpt from his book and it seems very good. I'de say it's something worth reading. Which is alot to say seeing as i'm not one who likes reading that much even though im an awsome reader. I was wondering is there a movie on this or just a book?

Lea Hansen-George said...

Tyler, I wouldn't be surprised if a movie was made based on his life. By the way, have you seen the movie "Blood Diamond?" The issue of child soldiers is a prominent one in that movie.

YouTube has many video clips on the issue of child soldiers...warning though...many are very difficult (upsetting) to watch.

tylermi w said...

Well ive never seen "Blood Diamond" but i really would like to see he movie though i heard its pretty good. Also ill be sure to search child soldiers on you tube sometime and see what i get. Now though im reading up on another post though. Ohh and dont worry things dont bother me ive seen really strange crazy stuff before and it doesnt bother me in the least. None the less it does get me thinking and really gets me to express my usually always strong opinion.

Copus US said...

that is just gross they should do something about that instead of letting it set there.

Copus US said...

They should blast it to at least saturn or Jupiter.