Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pearl Harbor

Looking for sites relating to Pearl Harbor? Here are a few sites I thought I'd share with you.

Have you seen this site? It looks really good.


Lesson Plan:


drake w. said...

1. It was bombed by the Japanese air fleet \_/
2350 killed...1178 injured
the USS Arizona and allthe planes at pearl harbor
at least 100 survivors
2.To not disappoint all the people who watched many pearl harbor documentaries,for it had some bad reviews.
5million dollars and on a navy ship in hawaii
it was appropiate to show something that commemorates it in the port in which the attack happened.
i really didnt notice any romance
3.well....yes for some people say the japanese had warned the president about it and he didnt do anything about it.
4.Pearl harbor...i dont really like things about history.
no, for i dont know wat really happened because history isnt very exciting to me.
No, i think people just think things could have been done to stop the attack on pearl harbor so thats who they blame.

Lea Hansen-George said...

drake - Why did you choose Pearl Harbor as a topic? Just curious.

I'm always a little surprised when people tell me they find history boring. Maybe I'm a little biased.

I incorporate history into everything I teach (Civics, Psychology, Social Psychology, etc.) In order to make sense of the world, we need to put things into context. Once we put things into context, we can move forward. We can use what we've learned and hopefully do something with it.

Many people in History Recovery have expressed interest in studying contemporary examples of racism, sexism and homophobia plaguing our nation and world. Before we can fully grasp these issues, we must examine the root of these problems. Then, things start to "make sense." For example, by examining our history, we can better understand current controversies over issues such as: the mascot and logo issue, reparations for slavery, the noose as a symbol, the controversy over the gay marriage issue, Hillary Clinton's historic run for the presidency and on and on....

Did you get a chance to look at the National Geographic website I posted?

Lets talk about some ideas for future topics/projects.

Lea Hansen-George said...

drake - Let me know when you read this. I want to know if you are re-checking your comments to see if I comment back. Did you get a chance to read my last comment?

So far, I think you've completed a multimedia presentation and the Pearl Harbor comment. What am I missing?

Lea Hansen-George said...

drake - I found your comments under the RATM post. So, that's three projects. Am I forgetting anything?

drake w. said... confused ?_? did this satisfy a project.... i chose it because ive seen many things about the topic.

drake w. said...

ya like i said i was on that linked site for about 45 minutes...

i saw lots of thngs on there that i have seen on documentaries...i really like the conspiracies on the documentariews from the history channel.

Lea Hansen-George said...

drake - Yes, this counts as a project.