Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More on Land Mines

UNICEF estimates that 30-40 % of all landmine victims are children under the age of 15. Mines kill and mutilate 8,000 to 10,000 children each year.
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Project Suggestion: Research a mine-affected country. How extensive is the problem of land mines in this country? What is being done? What could you do to make a difference?


tylermi w said...

Thanks for posting this small post on land mines its something i thought would be interesting to find out more about. I'm currently reading and reviewing the links you have there.

tylermi w said...

for this project i looked over a list of well known places that are known to have giant land mine issues and from this list i chose Bosnia and did a little research on mines and their affect. First though i went and found just how it was that mines where originally placed in this area. Around the 1980's is when the problems first started in Bosnia due to an economic collapse. There where many conflicts between the Serbs and Slovenia also involving other small groups and nations. Eventually though after armies withdrew a number of military supplies such as mine, ammunition and other weapons fell into the hands of small radical groups so to speak. Many people joined small Serbian militias whom had unfortunately stock piled weapons and other munitions. Due to this fighting continued and many mines where laid through out different countries and Bosnia happened to be one. Maps where taken of the placement of mine fields but over time such maps have proved to be in accurate. i noticed the point that was brought out how many people of that time that laid mines where quick and sloppy when it came to mapping mined areas and often they would base such on landmarks or other such things that where destroyed over the course of war. Now a days mines are popping up everywhere and almost always in non mapped areas where mine fields are not supposed to be. Most mine fields are being cleared by private companies in the local area whom use a number of methods to remove mines. Most common methods are the use of dogs to detect mines and manual removal of mines by anti mine personnel. Other more highly expensive methods are the use of machines to simply go through and detect and set off all the mines in an area. Many areas remain uninhabited for years until the areas are declared safe for people to return home. Anti mine personnel even have to check the insides of buildings such as businesses and houses to check for any mines possibly inside. to this day in Bosnia people are still getting killed by mines and it is still a very large threat. There are ways in which we can help though, for most of these private companies accept donations to support the extracting of mines. It was even brought to my attention that these funds also go to help those injured by mines who need medical help and they even help in counseling and preparing those injured or fleeing to return home and feel safe from mines. Among these programs are ones such as the adopt a mine field in which you can actually fund the extracting of mines within a certain area and tract the progress made. It's really something to see just how real this really is and although its not affecting us it is affecting millions elsewhere. There are many relief organizations out there in which we can offer help in many many ways to those suffering. Really though this affects more than just the people in Bosnia it affects a huge number of other nations still infested with land mines and mine fields.

tylermi w said...

If there is any further information you wish for me to research or tell a little bit more about i would be glad to.

Lea Hansen-George said...

tyler - wow! Very good job.

You know, I'm going to look into the "Adopt a Mine Field" program.

My interest in this topic first started after a visit to the UN in New York back in 2002. I remember a powerful exhibit on the issue of land mines. It's been an issue I've been interested in ever since. Until today, I wasn't sure what I personally could do.

This satisfies another project requirement. How many do you have so far? It seems like you should almost be finished.

tylermi w said...

yah i have like 6 projects done just 1 to go.