Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Several of you have expressed interest in learning more about LGBT issues. Considering current events is an important part of this course and the fact that several of you are interested in this issue, I thought I'd share this story.

Young, Gay and Murdered (In last week's Newsweek):

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jaleesaWH said...

i think it is very sick that what people can do to their own species and it is very disgusting how people can be soo narrow and closed minded about alot of things and in a way i think the story is strenghtening to alot of kids saying this is what happens it doesnt always happen and i think it should fuel them and boost their self confidence like a kid died for what he "believed" in ( no the best wording but what ever)

Lea Hansen-George said...

jaleesawh - Are you familiar with the story of Jamie Nabozney? (spelling?)

I used to discuss his case when I taught Social Psychology. Anyway, this case took place right here in Wisconsin. You might want to look it up. The last time I did research on this case, maybe five, six years ago, there were literally hundreds of links.