Monday, July 21, 2008

Get Involved!

Many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about volunteer opportunities relating to some of the issues we've explored this summer in History Recovery (children's rights, tolerance, ending poverty, women's rights, peace, etc.) Here are a few links to get you started:

Longitude Volunteer Opportunities
Fight Poverty:
CNN Impact Your World:
CNN Heroes:
Doctors without Borders working to end childhood malnutrition:


Copus US said...

i do get involved i volunteer at the SSC

Foley US Hist said...

Hey, thanks a ton for the links =)

Lea Hansen-George said...

No problem. I hope they are helpful.

jaleesaWH said...

i have done alot with the heifer international program i have sent it to my moms church and we ended up sending a huge amount of money. i think that the heifer international program is a very good program because you dont have to do alot of work to help out so if you were a lazy person you could still help. i am saddended by things such as starving children really saddended me because i love children and i know that i am not a starving person....yeah ....anyways have you heard of the invisible children ( i think it is what it is called) my friend sent me a link on myspace....and when i watched it i cried like a friggin baby because it shows you in depth what is should check it out....

Lea Hansen-George said...

So cool (your involvement w/ Heifer International!) and thanks for the suggestion ...I will definitely look for it on the web (Invisible Children).

You've commented many times today! This qualifies at least for a couple projects! Great work!

Lea Hansen-George said...

jaleesawh - For thoes who are unfamiliar with Heifer International, do you want to fill them in a little more? Who are they and what do they do?

Did you say something about children at the church filling individual arks with money and sending that money to the organization? Was this something you did?

Lea Hansen-George said...

Nice spelling! I meant "those" in my last comment!

foley - I've had some former students volunteer for organizations similar to the ones you are looking into...Have you talked to Jessie at all? I'm sure she'd love to talk to you about her work in South America.

Brianne said...

great work on the posts as always Lea! There are loads of amazing volunteer programs out there, especially with the web these days. The most important thing is to plant the seed and get folks interested in making a difference! An update on Longitude's progress: they just got a huge funds match from a UK org and are working to rebuild villages for widowers so that they can have safer (better lit, closer latrines, actual doors on their huts, etc) living quarters to prevent the 'tainted' women from being raped. so happy to see them still doing such great work!