Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CNN: Special Investigations Unit: The Noose -American Nightmare

We watched this documentary in Psychology last semester as part of our Social Psychology unit. Jena 6 is dealt with quite extensively in the video. If you are unfamiliar with the Jena 6 story, visit the links below:

Spend some time looking at the interactive map showing "noose-related" incidents across the United States.
Interactive Map:
Hate Symbols:

The CNN site includes a lot of information about the Jena 6 incident as well as similar stories:
Project Suggestion: After watching the video and viewing the site linked above, post your comments here. In your comment, you may want to discuss what the noose means to you. Do you think it is a symbol of hate? Why or why not? How would you respond to those who considered the hanging of a noose in a tree in front of the Jena High School a "prank." (What is a "prank"?)
Lessons from the Teaching Tolerance site:


polk us said...

i did a painting on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrealism
golden age surrealism

ChrisU.S. said...

I watched the CNN special on lynching and two things keeps replaying: the person who was selling miniature nooses and the anti-racist who was, at one time, a racist himself. The person who sells nooses is aweful. He says he doesn't care about black people anymore, he sells implements of fear, he uses every means possible to spread racism, and noone can stop him without him saying it's in his 1st amendment rights. I believe it's just disgusting. The person speaking against racism was a great person to overcome his own and that of quite a few others', but with those 2 going against each other, it's hard to tell if racism will ever really die.

gruber w said...

i watched the CNN thing on lynching... i think the noose is a hate symbol. and that guy that was saying its not and that he doesnt care just makes me angery! how could it be a sign of justice. 17 people got hung for rapeing and killing a girl. and then two weeks later they found her and discovered that she hadn't even been raped!!!! HOW IS THAT JUSTICE!?!?!?